FSU short film “Runaway Renn”

I just got back from shooting the FSU short film “Runaway Renn” in Tallahassee, FL.  It was my first time in Tally land, so it was really nice to get to do some touristy things while not on set.  The writer and director, Zachary Johnson, and crew of FSU film students working on the project were incredibly professional and just fun, nice people to work with.  Their set locations and cast were just great, and I was very excited to be asked to be a part of this project.  The short itself won’t be fully finalized til Dec 2012 and will be submitted to film festivals.  Very impressed with the whole FSU film department!

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  1. […] RUNAWAY RENN (directed by Zachary Johnson, FSU, ***Audience Award Winner***) THE FEAR OF BEING UNINTERESTING (directed by McKenzi Vanderberg, Rollins College) DEAD TO RIGHTS (directed by Daniel Neil, Ringling College of Art and Design) CHICKEN OR THE EGG (directed by Elaine Wu & Christine Kim, Ringling College of Art and Design) THE PAST (directed by Sean Sida & Garrett Callahan, Full Sail University) MOONBOUNCE (directed by Michael Kefeyalew, FSU) SMALL WORLDS (directed by Steven Sobel, Daytona State College) TECHSQUAD (directed by TL Westgate, October FilmSlam winner) THE FLY (directed by Jarelis Cabrera, Trinity Preparatory School) WHERE IS ALICE? (directed by Zachary Beckler, UCF) BYE HYUNGJIK (directed by Hyungjik Lee, FSU) FINAL STRAW (directed by Riccardo Renna, Ringling College of Art and Design) RUNAWAY (directed by Susan Yung, Emily Buchanan & Esther Parobek, Ringling College of Art and Design) LITTLE AFRICA (directed by Curtis Adair, FSU) […]

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